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Managed Services Program (MSP)


Our MSP program has invested in technology to automate the management of our suppliers.


Managed Services Program (MSP) provides contingent workforce solutions that support on demand staffing, temporary, temp-to-hire, direct hire, independent contractor, and other complex services across multiple categories in the hospitality sector with national support.


Managed Services Program

Our MSP program has invested in technology to automate the management of our suppliers. Managing hours, scheduling, replacement workers for call off’s or no shows, same day pay access, and invoicing. When you partner with Hospitality Services Group to outsource your contingent staffing and labor management, our MSP team will manage the contingent staffing lifecycle from requisition through invoicing and payment. We are a one stop support system allowing you to receive one timesheet and one invoice.


Customize a Program

Hospitality Services Group can customize a program to provide you with the best talent, seamless implementation, strong governance and compliance, comprehensive program management and tangible savings with a goal of creating operational excellence and yielding sustainable value.

Key Platform Features That Matter Most

Vendor Management System

Continue to work with your preferred agencies and streamline communication, time tracking and approvals, and invoicing all through one platform.

Transparent Pricing

We leverage our platform, data, and buying power to ensure our customers are getting the best price for staff.

Network of Pre-Qualified, Professional Hospitality Staff

HSG works with a select number of highly qualified, pre-vetted agencies to help fill demand across over 200,000 shifts/month.

All-in-One Platform

No more spreadsheets, email threads, phone tag, and back and forth communication. Everything is handled through HSG’s platform.

Centralized Communications

Agency workers get notified of schedule and shift changes through our mobile application. No more reaching out to multiple parties to communicate changes.

Centralized Invoicing

Agency time sheets live in the HSG platform, making invoicing and payments to vendors a breeze.