Candidates & Employees

When joining Hospitality Services Group you’ll have a chance to pick and choose your jobs based on your schedule. This flex schedule has given our employees the opportunity work as much or as little as they need, for some it’s a full-time position and for others it’s a part-time job or just extra cash.

Hospitality Jobs

Hospitality Services Group has the large range of positions available in Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland region that expands into the suburbs. We are in all communities and neighborhoods to had convenience for our employees.

HSG Profile

Once you create a profile and go through the screening and training process you can apply to the jobs that meet your needs. By Creating a profile you don’t have to re-apply, just and use it again for each job and hopefully you find the right job that meets your schedule requirements.

Flexible Schedule

Once registered you will see all jobs that we have available, you can create your own schedule based on the availability of jobs.

Your Profile

A profile can really make you stand out. Create a good profile, and you will have greater opportunities to get the job of your dreams. The profile page is seen by hiring managers and it works as your personal recruiter.

Stay Up to Date With Your Profile

Stay up to date with your profile, check it daily to see all new jobs that come in. If your phone number or email change, please update your information so that you don’t miss out on any positions.

Social Media

Stay connected through social media on Facebook to see what HSG is doing within the community. See our Facebook page

HSG Blog

Check out our blog to stay in tuned to industry changes and up to date news.

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