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IN Liquor Permit

IN Liquor Permit Certification

In Indiana, all waiters, waitresses, bartenders, salespersons and clerks who sell or serve alcohol beverages must obtain an individual permit. To serve drinks unrestricted or as a bartender in Indiana, you must be at least 21 years of age. Individuals who have not reached this age, but are at least 19 years old, may only serve drinks in a hotel or restaurant on a restricted basis. The Alcohol and Tobacco Commission of the state regulates the permits.

Here are 5 steps to get you through the process easier:

Step 1

Go to the “Alcohol Beverage Applications and Forms” page on the Indiana government website:

Step 2

Click the “Employee Permit” from the list of applications to open it. Complete the permit application electronically and then print the form.

Step 3

Sign the permit application. Place in the envelope, along with the application, a money order, business or certified check for the amount of the fee required for your permit type. For example, you must pay a $45 fee, at the time of publication, for a three-year employee permit, but only $15 for a two-year volunteer permit. If you’re 19 or 20 years old, attach to your application the original Certified Server Training Certificate issued to you after you completed the server training course.

Step 4

Send the permit application to the address listed on the application for the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission. Seek employment at the place where you wish to serve drinks as Indiana allows you to work while the issuance of your permit is pending.

Step 5

Register for and attend a certified server training course within 120 days of employment. Go to the Indiana website’s list of certified server training. Review the list of certified trainers, and contact the appropriate district to preregister for the training program you wish to attend.

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