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This Week in Hospitality: Rock Stars, Understanding “Hospitality,” and More!

Here are some great highlights from around the world of hospitality:

Zagat just published a great story highlighting the young “rock stars” who are redefining the hospitality industry in Chicago. Will you be on this list next year? HSG could be the launching pad for your hospitality career!

30 under 30 – Rock Stars Redefining the Industry


Speaking of “hospitality,” we use that word all the time, but how often do we talk about what it means (and what it looks like)? If you want some real insight into the subject, then take a few minutes to watch this excellent TED Talk from Curtis Bradshaw:



Whether it is one of our highly skilled cooks preparing a delicious dish or one of our talented mixologists making an exotic drink, the taste experiences crafted by our professional staff are unforgettable for our customers. But when it comes to the sense of taste, what if everything we’ve been taught about taste and the tongue is all wrong?

That Neat and Tidy Map of Tastes on the Tongue You Learned in School Is All Wrong


Finally, an experienced server and barista took some time to dive deep into the theory behind tipping and why it works the way it does. Grab a cup of coffee and settle in for a great read!

Tipping for Hospitality: Theory and Practice