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5 Hot Jobs in Hospitality


Here at HSG we are at the forefront of the exploding hospitality industry in Chicagoland! Here are the 5 jobs that are most in-demand right now:

1. Servers
This summer has been the Season of the Server! If you have experience working with banquets or fine dining, then we have jobs for you to start today! Even if you haven’t done fine dining but have worked waitstaff or served tables in restaurants, then you can sign up for our free training and turn your foodservice job experience into a hospitality career.

“Turn your foodservice job into a hospitality career

2. Bartenders
Like never before, people are learning to appreciate the finer things in life. As our culture continues to move in that direction, bartending is becoming something of an art form! Experienced bartenders and mixologists have virtually unlimited opportunity to turn their passion into a living.

3. Cooks
Hospitality Services Group is pleased to announce that we are forming partnerships with several high-end hotels in and around the city of Chicago. This is truly a golden opportunity for people with training, experience, and passion for the culinary arts to rise to the top of the industry.

4. Bussers & Porters
Someone has to do the heavy lifting in the hospitality field! People who are quick on their feet and willing to work hard have an opportunity to get into this field at an entry level with endless possibilities to learn and move up.

5. Dishwashers
Everybody has to start somewhere! If you don’t mind doing the dirty work and enjoy “getting it done,” than the dishwasher role is the way to get your foot in the door in the foodservice industry.

If any of these hot jobs are interesting to you, then email us today at! You can also let us know in the comments (with a way to reach you) or tweet at us at @HSG_Chicago!